About Us

Our Work:

  • Providing production training and equipment to students and teachers
  • Airing the programs that are produced by students as well as musical, theatrical, and sporting events that students participate in Updating students and parents with weather-related school closings and other emergency messages
  • Educating students about the power of communication and teach them how to use media as a tool for change in our society
  • Spotlighting organizations that seek to improve our community Building cross-organizational networks
  • Promoting non-profit programs
  • Providing public service announcements
  • Enabling advertising opportunities for local businesses on TV Allowing organizations and individuals the opportunity to articulate their ideas in a public forum
  • Creating programs that represent our community‚Äôs traditions, culture, and interests Informing citizens on issues concerning our local government
  • Connecting constituents with elected officials
  • Encouraging political involvement in our community
  • Promoting understanding